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Plate Carrier Accessories

Micro MAPMicro MAP
Micro MAP Sale priceFrom €167,88
Warfighter™ Cummerbund (7984009216252)Warfighter™ Cummerbund (7984009216252)
Warfighter™ Cummerbund Sale priceFrom €138,00
Six Pack™ Hanger Pouch  (7786985783548)Six Pack™ Dangler Pouch (7786985783548)
Six Pack™ Hanger Pouch Sale priceFrom €77,90
Pincer™ Pistol Double PouchPincer™ Pistol Double Pouch
Pincer™ Pistol Single Pouch (7984100638972)Pincer™ Pistol Single Pouch (7984100638972)
Pincer Placard™ Triple 5.56 Mag PouchPincer Placard™ Triple 5.56 Mag Pouch
Pincer™ 2nd Layer Admin Pouch (7984100507900)Pincer™ 2nd Layer Admin Pouch (7984100507900)
Agilite General Purpose PouchAgilite General Purpose Pouch
Flank Side Plate Carriers (7984099918076)Flank Side Plate Carriers (7984099918076)
Flank™ Side Plate Carriers Sale price€89,88
AMAP III Assault Pack Sale priceFrom €169,92
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch (7892824817916)AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch (7892824817916)
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €63,48
Pincer 5.56 Mag Pouch (7819849728252)Pincer AR-15 Mag Pouch (7819849728252)
BuddyStrap™ Injured Personnel Carrier (7859300761852)BuddyStrap™ Injured Personnel Carrier (7859300761852)
Agilite Tourniquet Holder (7905574584572)Agilite Tourniquet Holder (7905574584572)
Agilite Tourniquet Holder Sale price€21,48
AG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag PouchAG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch
AG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €64,68
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag PouchAG1™ 5.56 Single Mag Pouch
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €29,88
K19 Plate Carrier Back Flap Cummerbund Adapter (8064540442876)K19 Plate Carrier Back Flap Cummerbund Adapter (8064540442876)
Jump Retention Tabs (7571757170940)Jump Retention Tabs (7571757170940)
Jump Retention Tabs™ Sale price€20,90 Regular price€29,90
Hook-backed EDC Organizer Panel (6675049382046)AMAP III EDC Insert Kit (6609344692382) (6675049382046)
14.5" Padded Laptop Sleeve (6675075203230)14.5" Padded Laptop Sleeve (6675075203230)
14.5" Padded Laptop Sleeve Sale price€41,90 Regular price€47,90
Sold outAMAP III Conversion Attachment kit (6622609834142)AMAP III Conversion Attachment kit (6622609834142)
K19 Front Plate Bag (7980222120188)K19 Front Plate Bag (7980222120188)
K19 3.0 Front Plate Bag Sale priceFrom €143,00
Agilite MOLLE PlacardAgilite MOLLE Placard
Agilite MOLLE Placard Sale price€47,88

Agilite's Accessories for plate carriers collection

Check out our plate carrier add ons: pouches, placards, packs & bags, MOLLE and Velcro attached and much more!