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MD2™ Compact Trauma Kit  | IFAKMD2™ Compact Trauma Kit  | IFAK
MD2™ Compact Trauma Kit | IFAK Sale priceFrom €77,88
Agilite General Purpose PouchAgilite General Purpose Pouch
Six Pack™ Hanger PouchSix Pack™ Hanger Pouch
Six Pack™ Hanger Pouch Sale priceFrom €77,90
Pincer™ Pistol Double PouchPincer™ Pistol Double Pouch
Pincer™ Pistol Single PouchPincer™ Pistol Single Pouch
Pincer™ Placard Multi-Caliber Triple Mag PouchPincer™ Placard Multi-Caliber Triple Mag Pouch
Pincer™ Placard 2nd Layer Admin PouchPincer™ Placard 2nd Layer Admin Pouch
Flank™ Side Plate CarriersFlank™ Side Plate Carriers
Flank™ Side Plate Carriers Sale price€89,88
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag PouchAG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €63,48
Pincer™ Single Multi-Caliber Mag PouchPincer™ Single Multi-Caliber Mag Pouch
Agilite Tourniquet HolderAgilite Tourniquet Holder
Agilite Tourniquet Holder Sale price€21,48
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag PouchAG1™ 5.56 Single Mag Pouch
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €29,88
AG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag PouchAG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch
AG3™ 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom €64,68
BuddyStrap™ Injured Person CarrierBuddyStrap™ Injured Person Carrier
Jump Retention Tabs (7571757170940)Jump Retention Tabs (7571757170940)
Jump Retention Tabs™ Sale price€20,90 Regular price€29,90

Agilite's Plate Carrier Magazine Pouches

Mag pouches are an essential part of every plate carrier loadout. We designed our ammo pouches to keep rock solid retention of your magazines while letting you reindex mags easily with one hand.

Our plate carrier pouches are available in Multicam, Ranger Green, Multicam Black and Black colors. Pick what fits your setup best!