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Alexander Livesay
Low profile load bearing plate carrier

Fits nice, shoulder straps are a bit thicker than I imagined, but still more comfortable shouldering rifles than the quick release buckle from the K19. Really solid design and make, even heavy RMA's wear well.

Russell Ziemba
Shit Ain't Wright

The six pak pouchis awesome it holds a 40 rd pmag downside in the prone not so good. So stick to 30 rd Mags. Just saying

Just got my K-Zero

First impressions. Well built, quality materials, and the padding looks perfect. The way they built the cumberband pleasantly surprised me, the built in elastic hidden inside of the molle panels is awesome. I’ve seen that design used in the waistband of 511 pants, it’s cool to see it applied on an cumberband. Everything is very well thought out. Very pleased with my purchase. I don’t have plates yet, so I will probably drop another review later on once I get some plates and do some training/larping in it.
Thank you Agilite!

Ramon Rodriguez
K-Zero Plate Carrier

The K-Zero Carrier has been amazing so far easy to adjust, slim and comfortable enough to wear fully loaded for 12-14 hours. I have nothing negative to say about this product. High quality product!

Mat Volpe
K Zero Plate Carrier

Highest quality for low cost! This carrier is easy to adjust and has quality components all throughout the rig. The stitching, buckles, hook and loop are all high quality, and it fits comfortably. Took less than 5 days from order to doorstep to receive the entire order. Customer service were efficient and professional. I have no regrets with my purchase.