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Peter Hutchison
An essential for anyone with NODS

I had the standard Team Wendy weight holder on the back of my helmet and while it did work, I still wanted something more. I wanted to have a better retention system, I wanted to have a weight pouch that could also double as a battery pack holder with a cable management system. It’s robust, comes with several Velcro straps that can help you further secure things down and it works perfect with the strobe I’m running. It’s such a good system that I’ve convinced a few of the guys I train with to purchase them and all I had to do was hand over my helmet and let them check it out for themselves. You can tell the R&D and Design teams did their homework on this product. It’s a “no-brainer” in my book. Accessorize the piece of kit that protects your brain with style and function with this Agilite Helmet Bridge.

Justin Burns

At the moment I’m only rocking PVS-14’s so need for the battery pack pouch. However, I will be moving up the food chain in the coming months which will mean certain gear upgrades as well and the battery pack pouch will come in handy. I was surprised at how dense and secure the AA/CR123 battery slots were. The retention on them so far is great. I’m really looking forward to getting some good field time and operational time in this. I have a good feeling it’ll hold up well.

Mitchell Moyer

Helmet Bridge

Great addition

Super easy to install and a great addition if you don't want to run a cover and a counter weight

Mike karimi
Works great

Wanted the helmet bride as a base to route scrim attached to shock cord and stow wires for dual comtacs. Works great for my intended purpose. Well made, low profile, strong hook n loop. The Hebrew hammer wins again.