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Kaspars Garšneks
Near perfect

In general this is the best that I have seen/used on the market. If You need reliable pouch that can provide quick draw/insert for the mag - this is the way.
BUT as I noticed there are some things to point out. One is size - the placard is a bit wider than plate carier, meaning that hook portion of velcro might cause trivial issues (like hooking to fabric). It is causes since pouches are seperated with small gaps (maybe improvement in the future?). Other is mag compatibility, to be more precise mag surface compatibility. Not sure how it works with abrasive surface mags (my have minimal abrasive surface and works perfectly) but mags with “big protruding elements” (as example I have mag where are elements that protrudes like 3-5mm) are catching and it is difficult to draw a mag in heat of battle.
But in worst case mags must be changed and if You have only few mags, then I think it is worth considering all other bonuses that are provided by this placard!

Alan Sagastegui
Must buy

Good quality product. A must get for your setup

L Perez
Easy to use

I currently have my placard on a JPC 2.0. it fits just right, making reaching for magazines and replacing them very quickly. It would be best if you broke in the retention, but once it breaks in, it is fantastic. Considering the placard's low profile, getting to your magazine while prone has been extremely easy.

C Cervantes
Pincer mag pouch

These pincers mags are a great piece of kit. The stretch material and the reinforced opening make re-indexing mags much easier. The stretch material really hugs the mags and prevents unnecessary noise. I will say this however, they are very tight at first but loosen up enough without getting sloppy. I like the clean look with the small opening that allows for their admin pouch to be attached down the road. Lastly, I only ran 30rd 5.56 pmags and did attempt steel/aluminum GI mags or AK mags.

Basilio Fuschich

very well built. easy and sturdy


Will this placard fit my Plate Carrier?

The Pincer Placard Attaches to any Agilite or other placard-capable plate carrier or pack in seconds

What caliber Magazines will the Pincer Triple Mag Placard Fit?

The Pincer Placard™ only fits 5.56, AR-15 Style Magazines

Does this pouch come in singles?

It is also available as a single mag pouch: Products Pincer™ Single 5.56 Mag Pouch

Do I Need Jump Retention Tabs for the Pincer Placard?

Only if your unit’s regulations require them for parachuting, rotary or maritime ops or if you just want an extra layer of retention. If you're putting other items in the pouch besides 5.56 mags, you may want to use them for additional retnetion.

Will items other than 5.56 magazines fit in the pincer placard?

Yes, it is intended for 5.56 magazines but other similar sizes items may also fit eg flashlights. For other items you may want to add Agilite Jump Retention tabs