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James Green
Pincer Placard an amazing design!

Amazingly adjustable mag retention out of this world hold so nice and snug and easy to get out also well uniformed I tell you Agilie is the only gear that I wanna be using…

Gavin Raney
Pincer placard and admin pouch

Received it very fast and seems to be great quality, the packaging was very nice as well, can’t wait to see how it performs

jayson Ritenour
Pincer Placard™ Triple Mag Pouch

Great low profile mag pouch
Can index mags really easy

Joey P.
Amazing Israeli innovation!

Got to hand it to the Agilite team, they nailed it! I’ve owned many elastic mag pouches that were always a pain to insert and reindex magazines into. Their unique and innovative solution with the plastic lip or magwell allowing easy insertion is just amazing. Very happy with my purchase and can never go wrong with Agilite truly. עם ישראל חי!!🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Robert Philpott

Great product ,construction holds and prefoms to to the most vigouros tasks happy with my purchase.


Will this placard fit my Plate Carrier?

The Pincer Placard Attaches to any Agilite or other placard-capable plate carrier or pack in seconds

What caliber Magazines will the Pincer Triple Mag Placard Fit?

The Pincer Placard™ only fits 5.56, AR-15 Style Magazines

Does this pouch come in singles?

It is also available as a single mag pouch: Products Pincer™ Single 5.56 Mag Pouch

Do I Need Jump Retention Tabs for the Pincer Placard?

Only if your unit’s regulations require them for parachuting, rotary or maritime ops or if you just want an extra layer of retention. If you're putting other items in the pouch besides 5.56 mags, you may want to use them for additional retnetion.

Will items other than 5.56 magazines fit in the pincer placard?

Yes, it is intended for 5.56 magazines but other similar sizes items may also fit eg flashlights. For other items you may want to add Agilite Jump Retention tabs