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Agilite Mitznefet-Helmet Shape-Breaker- Multicam

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• The original Israeli Mitznefet breaks up the shape of a military helmet and makes it difficult for enemy snipers to spot.

• It is now available in Multicam for the very first time.

• Mitznefets are used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other forces to break up the shape of their helmets in the asymmetry of nature.

• The round, precision-cut nature of a military helmet is easy to spot downrange and the Mitznefet not only makes it much more difficult to identify, providing exceptional camouflage, but also supplies 360 degree shade from the sun.

• When worn without a helmet the Mitznefet also allows for an air flow to the head and for heat to escape keeping you shaded, camouflaged and cool in combat environments.

• The Agilite Mitznefet helmet cover is available for the first time in mil-spec Multicam and features a tether to connect it to your helmet so that it cannot get lost.

• It is fully adjustable to fit all helmet and head types and includes mil-spec plastic hardware by ITW Nexus.

Adjustable-One size fits all helmets

• Mil-Spec Nylon Mesh
• Plastic Hardware by ITW Nexus
• Size: Adjustable-One size fits all helmets
• Made in Israel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
John Adams
Helmet Shape-Breaker

I found it to be well made, heavier material than expected. I pulled it forward over my face and was very difficult to be seen. Still allowed me to use my scope.
Very happy with it.

F T McLelland
I am the cat’s meow! MEOW!!

I was going to put this bad boy on my gunfighter helmet but just playing around with it. I am ended up attaching it to one of my soft caps. Easy peasy so far! Now I will just up at the range and see how it works with the soft cap aka baseball cap. I will say it seems to be well made, the fabric is sturdy, the color is spot on for area of the USA I am in. I put it in the woods and it blended in pretty good. The tighten clasp could be a little stronger but that is no biggie. Overall a great product from a great company.

Danny Smith
Very good quality product.

The mitznefet appears to be well-made, with a substantial feel to the material. The elastic cord is not flimsy and adjusts easily. Large enough to effectively break up the outline of my head and helmet. I'm happy with my purchase.

Neville Mendes
Excellent item

Excellent item, perfect and god quality. Works very well withglareand shape breaking.Highly advise!

John Astill
Civilian Use

Very pleased with the helmet cover. I use it over e.g. a Finnish army cap (which was originally an Austrian ski cap design) which has a peak at the front less prominent than a "baseball hat", curved so as to be able to cut out the Sun's glare, but affording better all round vision. This gives the helmet cover support. It is useful in at least 2 situations. For driving into the sun, when the mitznefet can be adjusted to just cut out the Sun's glare. Also in my south facing work room, although it has Venetian blinds, for the same purpose. A bonus is that it is Israeli, &, tho not having the honour of being Jewish, in a small way affirms my 100% love of & support of Isael, which I visited many moons ago whilst a medical student. Keep up the good work of helping Israeli warriors defend Western civilization, which as the philosophers say has one foot planted in Jerusalem, & the other in Classical Athens.