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Austin Nelson
Good Design

I like how it is designed with the funneled magwell for easy loading and drawing and the tightness it just tight enough to hold the mag

Great mag holder

Would buy again

Sergio Valdez
Great Product

The Single 5.56 Mag Pouch is a great product. It is very easy to customize, whether adding it to your duty belt, or to the plate carrier. I am extremely happy with the product, I am currently using it in the field.

Jason Burch
Fits tight & Just Right

I am a Marine Vet and a Firearms Instructor for the State Troopers in my State. I teach a lot of active shooter and VCQB shooting around vehicles. I purchased the pincer pouches to mount on my velocity systems magnetic placard. The design is spot it. You get the flexibility and collapsible nature of nylon with the reinforced mouth of kydex for when you need to reinsert a mag. Works great for tactical reloads when you retain the magazine if you need those bullets later. No more fishin in the dark to insert a mag or awkward two handed weapons off inserting. I am teaching a class with them in about a week but so far they are just what the doctor ordered.

Ryan Sullivan
Great quality!

The way it connects to molle is different a first and I didn’t know if I’d like it. But after using it on my duty belt and vest, I realized it gets rid of all the hassle of malice clips and other types of mounts. Also, fits most 5.56 mags well. Any mags that have protruding pieces of plastic near the top might get hooked when trying to pull the mag out, for example; magpul mags. Daniel defense mags work perfect though. Otherwise a great product!