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Joshua Woernley
AG3 Placard

the retention system is exactly as described on the youtube channel. it’s very intuitive and the multi cam patter looks great on my coyote brown plate carrier. i will say if you use lancer mags be sure to leave one in the placard so it conforms to the mag,, lancers had a harder time slipping in than pmags,, this is due to the lancers slight difference in dimensions and grippy texture

Tent K
the most versatile system

I replaced my crye AVS poch to AG3. Easy to change,Holding mag perfectly with locking tab.

Alex Fiedler
Ag3 Placard Mag Pouch

The product delivered exactly what I was looking for. It a quick release and stow off Mags with 1 Hand, saving time and making the operation much easier as a whole

David K
Great mag pouch placard

I have been using this for several weeks now and am very impressed. The quality is top notch, the stitching and tacking are spot on, and the attachment to my plate carrier was easy and solid. With a little practice, inserting and indexing mags one handed is quick and easy. I had been using the HSGI Tacos, but the Agilite is simply a better design and easier to reinsert mags. The retention straps hold the mags securely but release quickly when needed. Mags are held well even without the retention straps in place, should you want one staged for quicker deployment. Highly recommend this system.

Justin Aldrich

AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch