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Jon Briar
Comfortable and adjustable

This is a first for me and I am impressed with how comfortable this product is.

Hunter Harrelson
K19 plate carrier

I love this plate carrier, I owned the very first one when it first came out and the 3.0 is just a huge upgrade. As soon as I got the new plate carrier I was surprised at how drastically different it was.

Amazing carrier K19

I love this carrier. I promise it will be the last carrier you will ever need. This carrier is completely comfortable and extremely customizable to your body. Once you get it set to you its like you are just wearing a tshirt.

Jose Reyes

The plate carrier is an absolute beast fits perfect very durable it fits a lot of pouches you can add on which make it look dope 10/10 purchase

Charles Kelly
Solid Piece of Equipment

With all the different choices, price ranges, and information nowadays, it is good to have found Agilite. Not only is the K19 solid from just the quality, effectiveness, and intention for its design , but it’s actually affordable in its tier of type of gear. The additions that can be added are well thought out and function well. As a stand alone, whatever objective you’re trying to accomplish, it just works. Period. Beyond its capabilities, it is great quality, and Agilite and their website is Outstanding. This is my opinion only. That’s just it, and opinion. As far as facts, the K19 works and works well for my intentions and the company and its offerings outstanding as well. Something either works or it doesn’t. Simple. Kudos.