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Nico Karg

This backpack is top notch!

Ben ortega

Okay let's break this down

In flat pack form it is amazing it is slick against the carrier however there is some play at the bottom since the hook portion on the pack does not extend all the way to the bottom of the loop portion of the carrier but it is solid none rhe less. The hydration pouch I use is 3Liters so I could only fill about 2.5 for it to fit into the dual purpose armor/hydration pouch. I recommend expanding that to some degree, while it would make the bag longer it means it would provide longer sustainment for people in the feild. Otherwise it worked perfectly as a flat pack.

Backpack wise it was extremely comfortable for my EDC. It was able to fit 2 notebooks, a computer without the computer sleeve along with a change of clothes and even a pair of boxing gloves, a water bottle, and a lunch box. Extremely spacious and comfortable. Great job agilite

Ben from the T&E Team

John Quinn
AMAP 3 Assault pack

I have the pack on my k-19 vest. It adds a lot of room to increase work load out for your mission needs. I added a hydration bladder, radio, flex cuffs, and additional medical equipment. It has a nice balance added to the vest. To keep it from pull down in the front or in the back.

Carlos Hermoso

I have used the backpack for about a month. I use it everyday for work. Normally I have a mobile office on my back. I use the organizer to put all the pens and keys. It keeps everything organize and easily accessible. I took it to the range twice and it worked great. It has space for everything except for food. Really comfortable to use even while loaded with weight. I cut the velcro row on the inside of the beaver tail pouch because I found no use. I love how versatile it is. I won't be using it attached to my plate carrier. I prefer to have it in backpack configuration.

Elijah Espejo
Great buy

Great products ranging from the K19 carrier to the AMAP backpack. Easy to attach and disconnect. Slim profile and not too bulky.