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Magnetix™ Battle Belt

Sale price€209,88

Color:Ranger Green
Magnetix™ Battle Belt Sizing Chart


The Agilite Magnetix™ Battle Belt was designed to be the best battle belt System on the market, Validated downrange in intense combat. Our objective was to weed out all the problems with existing battle belts.

One of the biggest issues with battle belts is that it's hard to align the upper and lower belts, especially while under pressure. Getting a correct and comfortable fit can take several attempts and wastes critical time. The Magnetix Battle Belt uses a patent-pending magnetic alignment system to ensure perfect connection every single time.

Another major issue with battle belts is that you end up with no MOLLE exactly where you need it most, close to the buckle.
The Magnetix™ Battle Belt has a full field of MOLLE all the way up to the buckle regardless of your size.

Many other battle belts sag, especially at the front of the belt. The Magnetix™ Battle Belt’s unique design ensures zero sag even under substantial loads.

One of the biggest problems with 2 piece battle belts is that the inner belt is always an afterthought at best. The Magnetix™ inner belt was designed to be the best inner belt on the market, to solve additional problems and to be a great day-to-day belt in its own right.

The inner belt was optimized for CCW with a unique smart stiffening system that ensures zero sag or wobble while carrying a firearm, yet flexes when needed, for ultimate comfort.

Many stiffened belts can be too stiff and uncomfortable. The Magnetix™ inner belt uses a range of composite materials that contour to your exact body shape over time.

Most two-piece Battle Belt systems use safety-rated buckles, but they are either attached to unrated materials or constructed in a way that prevents the belt from being rated. This means it can never be safely used to connect to an airframe.
The Magnetix™ Battle Belt system is constructed in a way that is fully ratable and a rated version is available on request.

Every detail of the Magnetix™ Battle Belt system has been designed to provide two belts that give you unparalleled advantage, whether you are defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your community or defending your home.

Sizing Tutorial:

• Magnetic alignment system for inner & outer belts
• 1000D CORDURA® Mil-Spec Tactical Nylon
• CURV® Thermoplastic Composite material
• Laser-cut Squadron™ laminate
• COBRA® quick release buckle with D-Ring
• Battle-Proven in Israel


• 2 belt system
• Tubular webbing
• Full field of MOLLE all the way up to the buckle regardless of your size
• Fully rateable
• Contours to your exact body shape • Rated version available on request
• Magnetic alignment system for inner & outer belts

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Magnetix™ Battle Belt
Magnetix™ Battle Belt Sale price€209,88

Customer Reviews

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Anthony White
Magnetix Battle Belt

At last I have found a belt that corrects, All the bad and sometimes Dangerous, faulty points that other belts create, that I have in my collections.
Magetix: -
1- An inner belt that does not worm around nor Slide down to my hips locking my hips so i cannot run which is my fears of dangers in a battle situation. Now with the inner belt I can use it for CCW owing to the belt slots into the channel preventing seperation and keeps the belt together and level and can use for competitions , training with comfort,freedom of movement without the belt coming loose nor placing me in a danger that I experienced with other belts plus little to no having to keep pulling the belt up every 45 seconds.
2- My fascination is the added Magnetic buttons one on each side of the spline. Hopefully with help to massage through magnetism the damages that excess weights, falls, and relieve some/all stresses have been created over the years. We shall see over time.
3- Upper Belt wow.
I now can place my required gear in a position, where it's going to stay thanks to the second pair of magnets that locks the upper belt in one position. Yes, then over time the belts will form around my body shape and then I shall have "MY BATTLE BELT,
Not a pair off belts with velcro on both ends that work against it's wearer. Making them uncomfortable at the best of times.
4- The Buckle on the upper Belt is a great alternative making it far more secure, although I have seen these on other belts, but the fact that they can be tested are great for conquering stress and other safety uses.
5- The Molle System, included on the belt is a great idea, my problem is that I have some equipment that have very thick Molle Straps, my fear is, - are these Molle slots on the belt going to support my very thick Molle straps?
6- They do not have a slot or slack strap allowance for very thick Straps. I do not want to damage the belts Molle system for that will defeat the whole purpose of buying the beauty of the Magnetix Battle Belt and damage to such a belt is unfitting to the work that went into everyone’s efforts in designing.
7- The Shackle great idea for various Safety and Tactical uses.
8- Okay, maybe I can wrap the Molle around the belt but again it defeats the aspect of the belt.
9- Due to a problem when ordering the belt, i had problems each time I created an order, several times the order would not place in the cart eacn time that I placed my order the size or the colour would not register as wished, possibly, maybe the mass of clients that have waited for so long for this belt, could possibly caused some effect, or/ paypal when my order was transfered to paypal pay system could not recognise that my orders were attach to an Agilite Order. Making it difficult to recognise my order attachment was an ordet and not a client contact. So I could not find a payment link to pay by either paypal or direct to my bank's credit/debit cards for payment systems. When I checked the final attempt to order was NOT the size that was required. I attempted to cancel the order. But by some miracle the order was sent on incorrect size in FOUR DAYS – NEVER have I had an order in less than 14days. In the meantime I had placed another order for a Magnetix Battle Belt in a colour not to my liking but that was only XL size available. Later to find that I was lumbered with 2 belts. A very expensive mess up but I have learnt that I never ever try to order when Agilite opens a initial sale opportunity. It appears to me Malta is not part of Any other international postal service.
10- Malta has a super expensive postal service to export products made locally, and returning imported produce. I suspect that too many companies wanna get rich quick at the expence of people who works on rediculous low payscales.
11- There is a remedy, though to book a cheap flight/return to a European Country and send the parcel from Europe. At least you get a day abroad, get cheaper postage charges, get a cheaper priced meal. Hopefully when the situation changes maybe I can make returns direct to Israel personally. 
12- On actually trying the belt with my equipment and uniforms, i found that with one trouser, I was not able to use the XL belt was too long but the L (Large) belt was too short. L was too short to slide the shaped tongue was at its limits creating a bend in the joining coupling.
13- On another trouser the L belt was too short, I can use the XL Inner Belt and the L Upper Belt.
14- It appears that I am size between L and XL therefore will need to mix and match the two belts and differing thicknesses of Uniform equipment.
15- Final thoughts; I am very pleased with the Magnitix Battle Belts.
16- Everything I have purchased so far I am Super Happy with my purchases.
Regards Tony
Anthony White

Hugo Van zon

I love my new belt. So light but so resistant! I really don't regret my previous one 🫡

Boyu Huang
Amazing belt

Love this belt. The magnetic feature is my favorite. simply just line up the magnet then wrap the belt around and snap you are done.

Adam Pfeifer
One and done!

This belt is badass! The magnetic on the back to line the belt up is gold! The whole design and material of the belt is well thought out! #musthave

Good belt

High quality, the magnets work well.