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MOLLE Hanger

Sale price€32,29 Regular price€35,88
Color:Ranger Green

  • Optimized to hang the MD2 Compact Trauma Kit or other Trauma
    kits to the underside of your plate carrier.
  • Also functions as a side wing beneath your cummerbund, providing an
    internal mounting option for MOLLE pouches such as magazine or
    radio pouches.
  • The QD Passthrough slits offer the convenience of side mounting the
    hanger, even when utilizing quick detach buckles like Tubes or 2M
    ROC Buckles.
MOLLE Hanger
MOLLE Hanger Sale price€32,29 Regular price€35,88

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David K
Great Molle Hanger

This Molle Hanger is great. Simple to attach to my Agilite K-19 Plate Carrier and holds attached accessories firmly to the carrier. I bought this to give me operational flexibility to secure my Agilite MD2 Medical Pouch to either my belt or plate carrier. A simple and effective product. Very solid kit!

Ryan S.
Molle hanger

The hanger is awesome. I used it in conjunction with the MD2 so I could mount it on the back of my belt and still have room for my side pulled winkler knife. It helps create a little more real estate on the belt and there’s a number of areas you could use one. If you’re a breacher you could attach it to the front of a carrier or the front of the belt to make a breaching dangler, and use shock cord through the molle to hold things like strip charges. You could also use it to molle on a variety of pouches and if your role changes or the situation changes just unvelcro one hanger for another one. Med pouches, breaching charges, shot gun placards for breaching rounds, 40mm dangler for HEDP or less lethal. Whatever you can think of you can make it work

Steven L.
Great Accessory

Perfect size to hold all essential equipment. Great design, sturdy and versatility makes this perfect for all applications and situations.

MOLLE Hanger

So far the MOLLE hanger operates as advertised. I have no complaints.

A bit finicky but solid.

I’ve been testing out the Agilite Discounted MOLLE Hanger on the rear of my plate carrier. So far, so good! It fits securely to my carrier, so I don’t have to worry about it coming off. I’ve got the IFAK attached to it, and the hanger’s holding its weight just fine.

The only downside is that the laser-cut MOLLE is a pain to work with because it’s so tight. But on the plus side, that also means it doesn’t come undone.

Overall, it’s a great product and I’d recommend it.

Semper Fidelis.
-Callsign Ratel