Mechanix M-PACT® Agilite Edition



• The Mechanix M-PACT® Agilite Edition is the ultimate tactical glove. It was co-developed by Agilite and Mechanix as a custom project for Tier 1 Special Forces who wanted the best of all worlds-the protection of a Mechanix M-Pact Covert glove but the tactile capabilities of a fingerless glove.

• Exclusively from Agilite, the MPACT Agilite Edition is the only glove like it in the world and it has been combat tested and proven by the best of the best.

• The M-PACT Agilite Edition protects military and law enforcement professionals with EN 13594 rated impact protection. D3O® palm padding dissipates high-impact energy to reduce hand fatigue when you’re fully engaged.

The semi-fingerless design conforms to your hand like a full glove and yet gives you the dexterity and control of bare hands where you need it most; for your trigger finger, finding a pulse, changing ammunition belts, using smart devices comfortably, or other mission-critical tasks.

Mechanix Glove Sizing Chart:

• EN 13594 rated impact protection.
• Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit to your wrist.
• D3O® palm padding absorbs impact and vibration.
• Breathable TrekDry® keeps your hands cool and comfortable.
• Armortex® palm reinforcement.
• Durable synthetic leather palm infused with touchscreen technology.
• Breathable TrekDry keeps.
• Nylon carrier loops.

• Co-Developed by Agilite and Mechanixwear to meet a certaint Special Forces’ unit's requirements.
• Available Exclusively from Agilite.
• Gives you the dexterity of a fingerless glove but the protection of the market-leading Mechanix M-PACT® Covert glove.
• Battle-tested and proven by Tier 1 and other assets.
• D3O® palm padding absorbs impact and vibration.
• Semi-fingerless design provides maximum dexterity.
• Breathable TrekDry® keeps your hands cool and comfortable.
• Armortex® palm reinforcement.
• Machine washable.
• Nylon carrier loops for storage.

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M-Pact Agilite Edition Downrange

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay LaBowe

Mechanix M-PACT® Agilite Edition

I Had This Idea First!

I literally cut a pair of Mechnix camo gloves exactly like this years ago to use as hunting gloves.
Like the nuclear bomb, a genius idea will manifest itself on multiple fronts until it is recognized and adopted by the world.
I do not expect a share of the profits.

Mechanix M-PACT

I have been using the gloves for a couple of weeks now and my first impressions are really good. Quality of the materials are very good, they offef good protection from any sharp objects and they are also suprisingly warm even when wet. Also the cut fingers allow me to use my phone and other equipment with ease. Can reccomend.

Agilite M-Pact feedback

Until now the feedback is really positive, I've other Mechanix gloves, but none of the shooter friendly.

In my left hand, the 2nd finger has an issue with the sewing that sometimes makes it hurt, I've used them with different platforms, and with all they work very well.

Perhaps as a suggestion, in a future edition why not have only 2 fingers cut, the shooter and thumb?

Jake Shackleford
Great gloves.

I've always loved Mechanix gloves,these are by far my favorite though since they have the fingerless thumb and index finger. Definitely worth the money.