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Jared Hale

Hands down the best carrier I have owned. Fit is stellar, comfortable, and the carrier is extremely adaptable. You can do more with the real estate on this carrier than most other carriers of a similar size.
Between the K5 and K19 I would go with the K5. The cumber bun set up is better in my opinion. I would rather have the increased function that the K5 cumber bun offers over the Quick release ability like the K19.
Love the K5.

Wyatt Braden

Fits great, is great.

david love
Just another great product from Agilite

I ordered the K5 plate carrier after using the K19 and love them both. It is one of the most comfortable versatile carriers I’ve had. My wife loves it so much she uses it while doing her CrossFit for the extra weight and while working out. Would recommend it to anyone!

Mark Fierro

I love it good product!

Excellent Carrier

Mainly if you need a little more mounting space, this carrier is just about perfect. The K19 is arguably better because of how fast you can get it on or off but that’s something that you will have to decide. If you need to mount a little more get the K5, but sacrifice a bit of speed donning and doffing. If that latter portion is your priority then I’d definitely I try get the K19. Most people would agree with you I’d imagine as evidenced by the lack of production anymore. I have both and absolutely love both, but the Mrs. gets the K19 - she likes it more and it probably is going to be a choice more people make. But this K5 is just plain incredible if you’ve never worn anything other than older police and military issue stuff. Doesn’t quite put Crye or First Spear to shame but it’s a closer race than I thought I’d imagine… as in its better. This thing makes the case for being the best carrier that has ever been made.