AMAP III Assault Pack - M81 Woodland Limited Edition

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The Agilite Modular Assault Pack III or “AMAP III” is the most versatile and universal military assault pack on the market. Designed, Battle-Tested and proven in Israel and behind enemy lines with the IDF’s most elite units. It has numerous unique features and capabilities that no other assaulter pack has.

Decades of experience in Israeli combat has taught us the need to be able to carry a decent load in a platform that is not cumbersome, is joggle-free and that maintains a low profile during CQB, Rotary and Vehicle based ops.

The AMAP3 is an Assault/EDC Crossover pack that goes from super low-profile for short raids (4 Liters), to

carrying considerable loads
for longer missions or changes mid-mission (18 Liters +8 Liter Beavertail).

We’ve all been in short raids that turned into several day ops without warning. The ability to
carry additional gear
comfortably and instantly without bulky extra backpacks is critical.

The AMAP III pushes versatility and universality to new levels. It works with
, molle pouches,
velcro pouches
radios & antennas
, armor,
sleeping bags, sniper mats
. It attaches
directly on to Agilite plate carriers
and other plate carriers (via conversion kit). It functions as an independent assault pack, as well as a
crossover EDC pack.
It’s as comfortable on the battlefield as it is for weekend travel.

The new,
clamshell opening
and military-grade, fully loop interior allows you to add countless velcro-backed pouches, in whatever configuration best suits your MOS or EDC needs and can change constantly and limitlessly as your missions do.

Additional features include a new re-worked beavertail design that allows you to carry helmets,
clothing and other items
Multi-directional attachment capabilities for
sniper mats and additional gear
Comms,hydration and antenna
exit ports
and stows, CCW draw capability, triple-density
fusion foam comfort padding
, detachable shoulder straps, and reinforced laser cut molle and placard attachment capabilities.
It also has secure
admin space
for small, easy-to-lose items.

Part of the secret to the AMAP III’s inordinate comfort and versatility is that this system has been refined and perfected via constant feedback from intense, daily real-world Israeli missions over so many years. The 3rd generation of AMAP, every feature on this pack is based on accumulated experience, there are no shortcuts.

The AMAP3 has an optional
EDC insert kit
consisting of a smart padded
laptop sleeve
and Admin Panel. This allows you to run your AMAP III downrange and then, in seconds, switch up to a completely different configuration when going on leave or for weekend travel.

The AMAP III operates as a premium assault pack with the fusion foam shoulder straps that now come as standard, but in addition, It’s the first Agilite Assault pack that can attach not only directly to Agilite plate carriers, but also to any plate carrier with Molle by way of an attach kit. There’s no threading MOLLE or other timely and clumsy attachment methods needed.

Attaching your AMAP III to your plate carrier means that your entire gear and survival sustainment system is
one grab away.
whether you need to catch the HELO or when facing a bad guy, you have you have everything in one grab, reducing your response time.

It also means that in a gunfight you don’t have shoulder pads on shoulder pads, all moving independently and unnecessarily bulking up your shoulders and stock weld.

The AMAP III is lightweight and yet built with the finest mil spec materials. It’s built to survive over a decade of non-stop use in extremely aggressive military environments.

It has travelled many miles and has crossed borders into some of the world’s most dangerous places, in order to bring you the most intelligent and versatile assault pack on earth.
• Most Versatile and Universal Assault Pack on the market
Crossover EDC pack
for additional daily use
• Designed, Tested & Battle-Proven in Israel
• Can be used with shoulder straps or directly attaches to the Agilite
K19 Plate Carrier
and K5 Plate Carrier.
• Compatible with
Swift Clip placard
and chest rigs to add additional carrying capacity.
• Advanced new proprietary beavertail design for carrying helmets,
clothing and other gear.
• Goes from flat and low profile (4 Liters) to
fully expanded
(14 liter) capacity in seconds, with an additional 8 Liters of beavertail space as well as other external
carrying capabilities
• Beavertail becomes
additional admin pocket

• Detachable shoulder straps
• Directly attaches to Non-Agilite plate carriers using the AMAP III Conversion Kit (sold Separately)
• Side and
additional carrying capability for safely attaching clothing, sleeping bags, sniper mats etc.
• Low profile design for use in CQB, Rotary or vehicle-based ops
Zipper admin pouch
for smaller items.
• Triple Layer
Fusion Foam padding
and rear air flow channel for extreme comfort
• Designated
hydration compartment

• Optional EDC insert set for laptops and other EDC items.
Full clamshell opening
and full Velcro® interior to attach hook pouches
• Built-in ports for
Hydration and Comms
tubes and cables
• Left and right exit ports for radio antennas and longer items
• Agilite K-Series™ Compatible

• 500D CORDURA® Brand Mil Spec Nylon
• Mil Spec polymer buckles and hardware
• YKK Zippers
• Velcro® Brand mounting platform
• Min Volume 4 liters, max volume 18 Liters + additional 8 Liter Beavertail compartment
• Laser cut Velcro MOLLE overlay panels
• Hook and loop rear panel dimensions: 25cm * 9cm (9.8" x 3.5")
• Triple Density Fusion Foam shoulder and rear comfort padding
• Weight: 2.13lbs (0.96kg)

- Height: 15.7" (40cm)
- Width: 11" (28cm)
- Depth: 7.8" (20cm)

 One Size Fits All

Is the AMAP3 compatible with my Agilite Plate Carrier or do I need anything extra?
Yes. The AMAP3 connects to all generations of Agilite plate carriers without any new hardware.

I own an AMAP2-Is it worth upgrading to the III?
Absolutely. The AMAP3 is the latest evolution of the AMAP and has a lot of new and improved features than the AMAP2.

Can I attach the AMAP3 to a Non-Agilite Plate Carrier?
Yes, you can attach the AMAP3 directly to any plate carrier with MOLLE using the K Series Conversion Kit that is sold separately.

Do I have to attach my AMAP3 directly to my plate carrier?
Not at all. You can use it as a regular assault pack over your plate carrier if you prefer, simply by not removing the shoulder straps. The Shoulder straps are low-profile in order to be able to be worn comfortably over a plate carrier or other gear without being bulky.

Are the AMAP3’s shoulder straps compatible with Agilite Edge Hydration Packs?
Yes. You can use your AMAP3 shoulder straps to carry your Edge as a stand-alone hydration pack.

Is the AMAP III suitable for left handed shooters?
Yes. The exit ports for Radio Antenna, comms/hydration tubes and ports are all completely ambidextrous and can be configured either left or right.

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M81 Woodland
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Customer Reviews

Based on 537 reviews
Francisco Gonzalez
Good Pack

good pack with plenty of room for a basic assault pack set up, attaches nicely to my k19 and the straps are nicely made too

Charles Oliver

Very solid setup. Plenty of room for an assault pack without taking up too much space. Well thought out and easy to use interface with k19. You won’t realize how easy it is to move around until you set it up and larp for a bit. Game changing compared to half of the market and easier to use / less expensive than the other half. I’ll be buying a second one for a day pack.

charles Guillory
Amamp 3 assault pack

I love it not to big and not to small the compression strap help it’s be small when the need call far it and will expand when you need more room and love that it can attached to the plate carrier if you want to reduce straps being in you way

Oliver Hantschel
Great gear!

I just bought the AMAP III. My son showed me his unit and i was immediately excited! Very goood quality, well thought functions and details. I had to have one for me also. I used my one now two times and i just like it! Great stuff!

Dominic Farzetta
AMAPIII Assault Pack

The AMAP III is the best assault pack I have used yet. It is lighter than any other assault pack out there and still have plenty of storage capabilities…even more than my MOLLE II and ILBE Marine assault packs which I have retired after purchasing the AMAP III. If you are interested in buying this bag and have time to wait, I suggest waiting till the next big holiday. I waited to buy mine on Father’s Day because of the sales that were presented by Agilite. If you are looking for a lightweight but capable assault pack for RECCE, Bug Out, Military, or law enforcement tasks, I highly recommend you purchase an AMAP III assault pack.