Six Pack™ Hanger Pouch


Ranger Green

Comes with a Fanny Pack Conversion Strap!

• The Agilite Six pack was designed to be the best hanger pouch on the market. Validated downrange in months of real missions, our objective was to weed out all the issues with existing dangler pouches.

• Most hangers are too long, flapping and dangling below your beltline and hindering your movement.The Six pack’s geometry is optimized to have the same storage capacity but be way more compact, and not get in your way.

• Many hanger pouches have top zippers that make it hard to access or see what’s inside them. The Six Pack dangler pouch integrates seamlessly with the rest of your gear and allows you to have both fast, one-handed access, and also visibility of your pouch’s contents.

• The Six Pack has a built-in flap that self-retains the tourniquet even if the pouch is not full and has a protective cordura exterior.

• Inside the pouch you have internal elastic retention as well as a loop area for attaching velcro-backed inserts.

• You can add a fanny pack conversion kit, so you can convert it for day-to-day use in seconds.

• For organization, you have 2 separate zipper pockets with different tactile zipper heads so you can distinguish them by feel, without looking down.

• Whether you’re defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your community or defending your home, the Six Pack will give you an edge

• Once Size Fit All
• Can attach via front plate carrier loop or inside front plate bag flap

• 500D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• Milspec Webing
• YKK Zippers
• Drainage Hole
• Dimensions: 9.6"x4.3"x2.7"
• Weight: 154.5g
• Storage capacity: 1.8 Liters

• Gives you extra, easy-to-access, storage below your plate carrier
• Ergonomic shape does not ride too low so it does not impede your movement
• Multiple internal and external attachment methods
• Large capacity but more compact than traditional hanger pouches
• Built to give you visibility of dangling pouch contents
• Integrated lower flap gives fast access and protection to tourniquets
• Converts to a fanny pack in seconds with conversion strap (not included)
• Battle-Proven in Israel

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Customer Reviews

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I love it

Great quality


This is my first front hanging pouch and I love it.

Six Pack

This is the perfect ad on for first aid. It's extremely easy to see what's inside, and it is accessible with either hand.

Killer Hanger

I’ve ran miles with this pouch. Doesn’t flop around like other pouches. Easy to access even with a full kit. Definitely nice.

Six pack hanger

Works well for the k19 plate carrier and for other uses great job agilite

Six Pack Hanger Pouch FAQs

What are other names for a plate carrier hanger pouch?

There are a lot of names for plate carrier “hanger pouches” and it can get confusing at times. Here are some names people use when referring to plate carrier “hanger style” pouches: Dangler pouch or dangling pouch, lower abdominal pouch, plate carrier drop pouch, flop pouch or even plate carrier fanny pack.

Can I attach a hanger pouch to my plate carrier?

Yes, you can attach it to the loop on the front side of your plate carrier or if your plate carrier only has MOLLE on the front side you can always sandwich the dangler pouch in between velcro at the bottom of your plate bag where the plates go in.

Does a drop pouch interfere when you move/sit/prone?

It depends on the size of the drop pouch. Bigger ones definitely can interfere with parts of your body and get in the way. Our Six Pack hanger pouch is very compact and was built so it does not hinder your movement when sitting in a vehicle or while in a prone position.

Is a Plate Carrier Dangler Pouch hard to access?

Hanger pouches are located in a very convenient spot on your kit (that's why fanny packs are so popular) and are usually accessible with one hand. Some dangler pouches have issues with visibility of pouch’s content because of a zipper placement, but the Six Pack Dangler Pouch was designed to take care of this issue by having front zips instead of top zips.

What can fit in a hanger pouch?

A Dangler pouch might be used as an admin pouch for a multitool, batteries, tape, chem lights etc. Some keep medical stuff in the lower abdominal pouch and usually there is a place for a tourniquet outside of the pouch. The Six Pack Hanger Pouch has elastic retention inside to keep your stuff nice and organized.