14.5" Padded Laptop Sleeve

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Ranger Green

• Built from 500 Denier Mil-Spec Cordura and the same closed-cell impact protection and comfort foam we use in our toughest tactical gear, the sleeve protects your laptop and smart devices from knocks, bumps or accidental drops.

• On the modern battlefield as well, there are more and more smart devices in use and the sleeve’s closed-cell impact foam keeps them safe and protected in unforgiving military environments.

• It has a loop exterior for attaching additional loop-backed pouches, patches and more. Hook-backed-wings secure the laptop sleeve onto the inside of your AMAP III or other velcro-lined pack, but can also be flipped 360 degrees to create a firm hand-hold for when you are carrying your laptop outside your pack.

• Laptop Sleeve provides impact and scratch protection for computers and other smart devices

• Can be used in Agilite AMAP III or any loop-lined or other backpack

• Laptop sleeve has loop exterior surface for attaching additional loop pouches or patches

• Sleeve has hook-backed attaching wings to attach and stabilize it inside your AMAP III or other loop-lined pack.

• When removed from the AMAP3 or other bag, the hook attachment wings flip to create a firm hand-hold when transporting your Laptop.

• 500/1000 Denier CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• Laser cut fabrics & loop
• Mil Spec polymer & Metal hardware
• Agilite Polymer Grip-pull
• Fits up to 14.5” Laptops

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Gowins
I have an idea

I’ll be honest the bag isn’t great. It’s a bit to small for what I use it for.
I commute to work on a bicycle.
And this is my idea.
You wrap the bag in reflective tape.
You make a commuter bag for riding to work.
A work bag. With maximum visibility.
Reflective glass bead wrapper from 3m
And I’d be flattered if you guys listened to me.
And I’m sure it’s something you could sell to the government.
I’m sure you could even experiment with the make up of the glass beads.
Like I wonder. what uranium glass would yield if you made glass beads from it.
And then theirs all sorts of ideas on other materials like for other spectrum reflectivity type of stuff.
But my idea is to wrap this bag in 3m reflective tape.

Carlos Guajardo

Just what I needed!

William Cai
14.5" Padded Laptop Sleeve

A great sleeve to hold laptop or ipad when used with the backpack

Derek Weiser
Great Multi Purpose Sleeve!

You can use this for what it obviously made for, or you can use it to protect documents or land nav equipment in your pack. Whatever you choose, the high quality that you expect from this company persists!

14.5 padded laptop sleeve

Agilite 14.5 padded laptop sleeve is an excellent product. An excellent laptop protector and other uses for thr creative mind.