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Lorenzo Regner
The SideWinder Riggers Belt

I keep on using this belt everyday for more than two months. I have no issues so far. Feels the quality is ready for action.

SideWinder riggers belt

The belt is made from extremely durable material. You can feel it as soon as you take in your hands.
The velcro strap is extremely sticky and won't get loose on its own which is really what you want when wearing it on a dayly basis in the military.
There is one slight improvement that could be made though. I would like for it to have a velcro strap that runs along the total length of the belt so you could combine it with any duty belt that has integrated velcro to stabalize it in the right place.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the belt. It is really of higher quality.

Konstadinos Sioutis
The SideWinder Riggers Belt

It is a amazing belt I tried it on helicopter training(Rappel) and ti is works great.
Good job Agilite

joshua lynn
Riggers Belt

Great piece of equipment. Will be using for work frequently and can say I trust the quality and comfort completely.

Excellent Belt

Over the years I've tried a couple of different belts like this model and this one is definiely one of the best. The material of the belt is quite soft which makes it quite flexible and surprisingly comfortable to wear. Other belts are usually very sturdy and too stiff when they're new and take a while to break in.

The velcro panel is rather large which gives it a greater flexibility regarding the size, i.e. when you wear it with our without gear, it still fits.

All in all the quality of the belt and the buckle is definitely superb - as usual with Agilite's products.