Six Pack™ Fanny Pack Conversion Strap


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Coyote Tan
Ranger Green

The Fanny Pack Conversion Strap connects to the Agilite Six Pack™ ins seconds and converts it into a tactical fanny pack for day to day use.

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Benjamin Jolissaint

Fanny Pack Conversion Strap

Six Pack Conversion Strap

Is a very good thing. It is simple to use and a quick posibility to change the hanger pouch in a bag.

Björn Stenholm
Outstanding strap

Let me say that right of the bat, the materials used are top notch and the build construction is superb. The strap goes well with the fanny pack and is fully adjustable. Thanks to the fabric composition it seems does not ravel at all. I love the QR buckles. Their tension is set right and they are designed to be guided in and lock with ease. The strap is ergonomically well thought out because the buckles are in front, which is logical as doing things behind your back is both unnatural and utterly inconvenient. I don't have any of those problems with this strap. As with all Agilite's products, this item is perfect. I am a regular costumer thas has bought many items -including the flagship K19 3.0 and AMAP III- by now, and I absolutely love the Agilite brand.

Mindaugas Narbutas
Simple, yet finished

Quick and adaptable. Match whole setup. Would add as default hanger pouch add item.

Fanny strap

Fanny strap was very easy to set up. I like how I now have the option between the carrier attachment or just throwing on on my waist