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Axis™ Knee Pads

Sale price€43,90
Color:Ranger Green

Axis are the battle-tested knee pads that do not fall down.

Selected and trusted by the IDF as standard issue for all combat troops, they remain on your knees even during extended operations.

Knee injuries destroy tactical careers every day, so we made Axis with a hard polymer exterior. This gives you superior protection and coverage over regular tactical knee pads or thin pant-insert knee pads.

The unique design gives more than 180 degrees of real knee protection.

The secret to why Axis don’t fall down is that they work exactly like your knee does, not against it. This gives you full maneuverability and unlike regular knee pads they never cut off your circulation.

The internal padding is made from advanced closed-cell memory foam that contours to your knee. This gives you that extra comfort that you need and it does not absorb water or sweat.

Axis Knee Pads have been battle-tested and combat proven in some of the most hostile environments. They are the best solution on the market for keeping your knees safe.

• Do not fall down
• Provide large surface area coverage
• Hinged to ergonomically move like your knee
• Incorporated non-slip, grip strip for naval and urban ops
• Rear memory-padding for extreme comfort
• Official knee pads of the Israel Defense Forces
• Set of 2 knee pads

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Knee pads restock when?

When will the knee pads be restocked ?


Please restock the knee pads i need them asap

Noam Elbaz
Knee padssss

We want knee padssss

Dennis Maman
Please restock the knee pads!

I don’t understand why you supply an item that never gets restocked!

Please restock Axis!!!

Take my money

I give you money. You give me knee pad. I want knee pad. Give us the knee pad please.