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Patrick Timtiman
Currently using it as a laptop bag and it has been great!

Im using it for 2 weeks as a laptop bag for long subway travels. Along with the laptop sleeve, it fits my ROG Z13 perfectly. I also combine it with the six pack hanger pouch to house my cables, power source and mouse. Its sleek design is perfect for the subway. The modular front pouch is nice for temporary things like caps and snacks.

Only downside is that when I purchased it, the velcro organizer mini pouch is not available. I hope the Agilite guys can sell it to me in the bundle price with my AMAP III when it comes availabe.

I am still about to use it on my plate carrier.

Thank you Agilite for making this amazing bag.

Viktor Weidmann

Awesome 😎

Chad Hutchinson
Finally a true Mil-Spec tactical pack

I specialize in understanding and knowing what makes up a legitimate military approved assault pack. This is the first pack that covers all those criteria. From the stitching, materials and hardware used as well as fabric it really is a military spec assault pack. Great service as well. Most of the many called military packs out there don't fit the bill, but Agilite gets it right. No compromise.

Ian Stuart
Great Product

Amazing quality pack, very durable. Watching Agilite’s videos about the pack made it easy to connect to my plate carrier and easy to learn about all of the functions of the pack.

D Lee
The Pack is the perfect size, quality is unmatched

Nothing like owning top quality gear. I like it so much im getting another.